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How to Create & Manage Your Event Budget

When you are planning your event you get so overwhelmed and excited with the details of everything and you forget what runs it all, YOUR BUDGET! Creating a budget for your event whether it is a birthday party, a wedding or even an office party, set the stage by starting with a healthy budget!

  1. When creating your budget you need to first realize who will be helping you with the payments (if you are in a joint ventured business) – are you getting help from your fiance? A colleague? You need to figure out the percentage of your part so you can properly save on your end. Once you figure out who is contributing to the event you can decide the overall budget.

  2. Begin to track your spending – you can easily create a spreadsheet and create three columns (estimated, modified and actual) when you do this you allow yourself to calculate how much your are staying within your means and where you need to modify your budget. When you list out your different expenses and needed services, you can call the perspective vendors and modify your numbers to work with the budget.

  3. Track your receipts and charges – You never know when you will need to match your expenses and/or replace an item or need a refund. Keep track of everything you spend!

  4. Find ways to save! There is always ways you can save whether it is a different venue for your event, a smaller guest list or even switching food options and choices. Finding ways to save will help you in the long run.

Having an event is an amazing experience, you just have to be smart in the ways you spend your time and your money so that everything can be affordable and semi-stress free. You can always hire En’Style Occassions to help you on your venture, we are well connected to vendors in the area!

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