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Planning Your 2022 Wedding with COVID

Here you are planning your beautiful wedding in the midst of a pandemic. When COVID hit in 2020, it caused over 45% of weddings to be moved or canceled due to the guidelines and regulations the CDC provided. With COVID numbers beginning to rise again, how should you plan your big day?

Make sure you keep up to date with the CDC guidelines! The CDC is the hub for all things COVID and gives the true regulations. With COVID due to the different numbers in different states and counties regulations and restrictions differ so make sure you check

Be flexible and think outside the box. It seems like every day things are changing, so having a mindset of flexibility is key. Yes, continue to plan your big beautiful day but have a second option, this may include a smaller list of guests or different guidelines concerning vaccines/mask. Always be prepared for the unknown.

Consider doing an intimate setting. What has become more popular than ever is the beauty in smaller and intimate settings. This may be just you and your immediate family or just you and your fiance. We are open to helping with either option!

These are just some of the ways you are able to stick to your guns on your big day! Yes, COVID has changed a lot of things but we have to always be prepared and stay diligent in your plans

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