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Planning Your Event During COVID-19!

2020 has taken the world by storm and has caused so many changes to the world we live in today. Schools have been canceled, churches have been closed and now your events are most likely going to be canceled for the 2020 year. But, what if I told you that you can still have that event that you are planning? Here are a few tips for Event Planning during COVID-19!

Have a virtual event! Virtual Events are a thing of the present! You can set up your event using Zoom, GoToMeetings, Skype and so many more platforms!

Can your event be limited to the standards of the CDC? Less than 10 people? 6 Feet apart? - I have seen weddings STILL take place with the most intimate family members and they are planning the reception for 2021.

Can the event be postponed - I know, NO ONE wants to let go of a date they had set in their minds, but it is possible to postpone the event until 2021. Think of the great benefits instead of the negative: You can save more money for the event, you can notify more people of the event and people have a chance to make time if they could not!

2020 has been… different, but you have to stay encouraged and remember safety is most important. Your event can still happen with different limitations OR it can be postponed with an even bigger meaning. YOU ARE STILL IN CONTROL! 

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