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Your Guide to a Virtual Holiday Party!

Preparing for the holidays this year has been very different and, at moments, more challenging than ever. With COVID-19 still, amid our everyday lives with continuing rising numbers, we are now forced to celebrate our most precious holidays and traditions virtually.

Being an event planner comes in many forms. We can strategize for just about any situation, which is why I want to give you five tips for planning for your holiday if you plan on gathering virtually.


This first step may already be completed with Zoom as it’s becoming a more prominent force in our daily lives now. There is other software you can use as well:

  • GoToMeeting

  • Google Hangouts Meeting

  • FaceTime

And that is just to name a few. All of the software above come with apps and can be joined from anywhere!


The holidays are always busy, and whether you work from home or work from an office, the holidays still cause conflicts in schedules. My advice? Coordinate with everyone on your invite list! Ask if they have a Zoom Account or what is their preferred way of joining.

An easy way to do this organized is by setting up a survey site using Doodle! With Doodle, you can select days and times that work for you for your guest to choose from, and the most selected option wins! You can also ask what preferred software they have.


As the host, whether virtual or in-person, you are the night’s guide to fun and entertainment. Just because your event is virtual does not mean it cannot be fun! Be creative. Here are three quick ideas you can do:

  • Stream a movie! - There are a few apps that allow you to have a watch party where you and your loved ones can watch movies together!

  • Play a virtual game! - There are so many games you can play virtually, from Pictionary to sip and paint! The capabilities are endless.

  • Make a family toast! - Coordinating this can be extremely easy. You do the same as you would for scheduling a time. A DOODLE! Send a Doodle to guests, asking them which wine they want to make the toast with. (Make the list affordable) and you all get your toasting glasses for the virtual toast of a lifetime!


During a pandemic letting your loved ones know you appreciate them is so important, and you can use this as a moment to do so. Having an open time can be as easy as having each guest speak for two minutes from oldest to youngest. It keeps the sentimental feel and will be one to remember in the future.


With most meeting software, there is a feature to record the session, some family members may not be able to join the live meeting but may want to see the recording to feel as if they still participated. This feature will bring the holidays to your home at any time!

*if you are doing this with your place of business, you may need to get a signed disclosure*

Having a virtual party was not on any of our agendas this time last year but keeping our loved ones safe has always been a priority. Be smart. Be safe. And have fun!

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